DrMissyLongleaf Learning Center (LLC) began operation in August of 2002 during the
development of the town of Longleaf.  In December 2003, Dr. Melissa A.
Nurrenbrock purchased the preschool.  She also owns two Genesis Schools that
serve Pre-K through Fifth Grades in New Port Richey.  In addition, she
serves on the Board of Trustees at Genesis Preparatory School of Florida, Inc,
which offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Dr. Nurrenbrock serves as the Principal Genesis Elementary School’s East
Campus.  She is a member of the New Port Richey Rotary Club, sits on the
Board of Directors of Morton Plant North Bay Hospital, and is on the
Steering Committee for the Downtown New Port Richey Holiday Festival.  She
is a former Board Member of the Florida Council of Independent Schools
(FCIS) and served as Past President and Board Member of the Florida
Kindergarten Council (FKC).

Married with one son, Dr. Nurrenbrock grew up and went to school through the
twelfth grade in New Port Richey.  She holds both a Doctorate of Education
degree and a Post Doctorate Certificate.  She has held teaching and
administrative positions in Costa Rica, Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida, and has
taught every grade level from pre-school to college.

In 1981, Dr. Nurrenbrock’s experiences with children of all ages led her to
purchase the first Genesis School, which has grown and expanded to include
the West Campus on River Road and East Campus on Mitchell Ranch Road.  The
acquisition of Longleaf Learning Center was a natural event in Dr.
Nurrenbrock’s professional career.  With her strong ties to family and
community, she has maintained a deep-seated desire to provide an independent
education of the highest standards for students in the Tampa Bay area.  If
you share a similar dream for your child, take a look at the information
provided on our website and then call us for an appointment to visit our
campus.  We look forward to seeing you!

Physically fit with well-developed motor skills Ready to read with lots of
literacy experience Counting, sorting, matching and using logic Writing
their names and possibly yours Excited and curious about all things
scientific Singing, dancing, and moving to music and rhythm Drawing,
painting, crafting, and creating art Using a computer Emotionally and
socially ready for kindergarten Self-confident and feeling good about