DSC01108160Let’s Go Outside!
Our wonderful one-acre site is adjacent to wetlands, where we can watch
birds and study nature, and the outdoor playground is especially exciting.
Covered with beautiful field turf, the area offers our students a wonderful
place to play and learn outside.

Toddlers have their own safe haven with equipment and toys for motor
development, coordination, and balance, plus room for running.  During the
summer, they love water play activities.

Preschoolers have several enticing outdoor options.  Among their choices are
large covered patios, with their inviting shade and concrete surfaces for
bouncing balls, jumping rope, playing hopscotch, and drawing with chalk.

In addition, large grassy and soft-fill areas are equipped with a fabulous208_0050
variety of safe but challenging equipment where children develop their
motor, social, and sensory skills.  (A Certified Playground Safety Inspector
designed our climbing structures, and they meet the National Playground
Safety Standards.)  The paved bike path is extremely popular with our
preschoolers.  They also have lots of non-commercial, open-ended play
materials that let their imaginations soar!

A gazebo, a butterfly garden, and various cozy areas provide quiet refuge
and an opportunity to spend quality time in a peaceful atmosphere.