School Tour

Join one of the 4-year-old boys on a tour through his classroom.

Come on in!  I’ll show you my room – it’s really cool!  We have lots of stuff to play with, but my teachers say we’re working.  We have a special place for everything, and we always have to put stuff back where it belongs.

BLOCK CENTER     This is my favorite!  We have TONS of blocks – all shapes and sizes.  We can make all kinds of stuff, and we have little cars and people to put in our houses.  We even made a barn and put all our little farm animals inside!

DRAMATIC PLAY CENTER     We do lots of fun things here – cook and fix things with our tool kit.  We have outfits to dress up in, a table, chairs, dolls and lots more!

SCIENCE CENTER     This is my next favorite place!  In here, we have lots of things to look at and explore.  There are rocks, leaves, shells and cool things like magnifying glasses to look at them with; and kaleidoscopes that make them look all funny.  Plus we also have a scale to weigh them with and magnets, too.  It’s neat to find out what sticks to them and what doesn’t.  In the spring, we get to watch butterflies “hatch.”  Then we let them go in our butterfly garden.  That’s very cool!

ART CENTER     We make tons of stuff here.  We use paper and paint; plus we have markers and glue and scissors.  And our teacher lets us make things our way, not her way!  She says we’re creative.  I like to paint at the easel and make my own colors.

MANIPULATIVES CENTER     I don’t know that big word, but it has something to do with helping our eyes and hands get ready for writing.  Puzzles and beads and small blocks – stuff like that – that’s what we play with over here.  We use it for math, too.  We count and sort in colors, shapes and sizes.  We count other things too, like our goldfish crackers at snack time.

BOOK NOOK     Look at all our books!  Our teacher reads to us every day and we can even look at our books whenever we want to.  We practice our letter sounds every day.  I can read everyone’s name on the cubbies now!  Our teacher labels everything, but we can’t read all of it yet.  Can you read something to me now?

WRITING CENTER     We always have lots of paper and pencils here.  I’ve been practicing writing my name.  I’m pretty good at it too!  Want to see?

Thank you for coming to see us today!  I love showing people around Longleaf – I love it here!