What Our Parents Say

Cooper and Hayley“One of our best decisions was to send our children to Longleaf Learning Center.  You can see the dedication that the teachers and staff have for the students and the school in everything they do.  The teachers and staff are very responsive to questions or concerns that we have.  They continue to have a positive impact on my children and are always finding ways to enrich their lives!”

Jackie B.  mother of Cooper and Hayley


pict2“Longleaf Learning Center is an amazing educational experience for any preschooler. As a former teacher I was stressed about finding the right preschool for my children.  I researched and toured many in the area, but none of them compared to LLC.  Not only are the teachers excellent educators, they are all loving, caring and compassionate.  The curriculum is age appropriate with hands on fun learning experiences.  My children went into kindergarten extremely prepared and the school became a second family to us.  I am so glad I found LLC.  They were the perfect fit for us!”


Gayle C. mother of Matthew and Lauren

pict3“LLC has provided my son an engaging learning environment promoting both
academic and social growth. The personable relationship shared between
Jackson and his teachers truly has impacted his excitement and love for

Lauren B. mother of Jackson


Baez Girls“Most parents would love to stay at home with their children but when that wasn’t possible I was grateful for Longleaf Learning Center. Our relationship with LLC has spanned over the last seven years and continues with our two youngest daughters. LLC is more than an ordinary preschool but truly a family. Words cannot express how thankful we are to LLC. THANK YOU…..THANK YOU…from the bottom of our hearts!!”

Annalisa and Nicholas B. parents of Isabella, Micaela, Angelia, and Brianna

pict5“I love this school! All 3 of my children have attended Longleaf Learning Center. My youngest daughter is in her second year there. The Director, teachers and staff all truly love the children. The curriculum prepared my two older daughters for great success in kindergarten and beyond. Further, my daughters have made wonderful friends from the school. This school is a very important part of my children’s life and my life. Everything is top notch and child focused.”

Tiffiany C. mother of Ava, Chloe and Isla

GEDC0103“Longleaf Learning Center was an amazing Pre-K experience for my son. The
teachers at LLC provided a safe environment full of warmth and care. The
academics taught were a great stepping stone for his transition into
kindergarten and he also flourished with his social skills due to LLC
friendly, fun, and creative atmosphere. The center is well managed and over
seen by an incredible lady, Ms. Jackie, whose love for the children is very
evident by the design of the classrooms and her very dedicated, exemplary
employees. I would recommend Longleaf Learning Center to any parent who is
looking for only the best standards for their child’s first introduction to
an educational setting.”

Darinda D. mother of Sammy

pict7“The Longleaf Learning Center far exceeded my expectations. My son attended from ages 2 through 5, so the professional staff was very influential in molding him into the wonderful boy he is today. The teachers combine a great mix of play, discipline and education with a positive attitude. I highly recommend LLC for your child… they will be in good hands.”

George A. father of Tyler


pict8“Longleaf Learning Center is committed to promoting children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth in a real academic setting. The Pre-K teachers recognize the importance of play as a way for learning. In addition they also provide a firm foundation for academic success.
Students are encouraged to express themselves verbally, emotionally and creatively. As an elementary school teacher here in Pasco County, see students come to us from all types of preschool settings. I love that LLC make academics and behavior a priority in their Pre-K setting. In the school environment we teach academics we hope that the children come to us with a basic understanding of how to work in groups, to share and to be able to compromise. I find that the students who come to us from LLC have a balance of strong academics and strong behavioral understandings.”

Mary W. mother of Elliott and Jackson


Skryd Kids_2014We have had a great five years at Longleaf Learning Center. I always felt that LLC was a place where my children were well taken care of, educated and loved. The Director is amazing, The greatness of the center reflects that. I’ve appreciated her guidance over the years and I am grateful to her flexibility when I needed it. We will miss coming to LLC, but we will be visiting often, especially for the Fall Festival.

Jackie S. mother of Maddy and Jack


I just had a conference with Jake’s teacher. He is pretty much 90% above where he is expected to be for Kindergarten. Longleaf Learning Center rocks! Thanks for doing an awesome job with him (and Maddy, too)!!!!!

Lacy mom to Maddy and Jacob